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Welcome to the Nick Eats YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe and be apart of the Dabble Squad! Make sure to leave a suggestion in the comments of where Nick should go next.

Food is one of the many things that bring people closer together. Nick Eats sit down with Brook Thomas St. Joseph City Mayor, Berrien County Sheriff Chuck Heit, County Commissioner Ray Bell, Commissioner Mamie Yarbrough and Dawn Aulet of The Herald-Palladium. 

Houndstooth                     KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

The KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship returns to Southwest Michigan. The Senior PGA Championship, established in 1937, is the oldest of the five major championships in men's senior golf. For the media dinner, we visit Granor Farm. A beautiful farm located in Three Oaks, Michigan. In this video you are shown the unique dinning experience at Granor Farm, take a visit and enjoy!

Granor Farm                     KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

Nick Drinks Coffee 

Nick takes a visit to a few local businesses but first he stops by Forte Coffee for his very time! After Nick visits Forte Coffee he meets Gerik Nasstrom from the Southwest Michigan Out-center to learn more about the resources they offer to the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.  "You can't walk past Ben's Pretzels and not get a pretzel" as Nick likes to say. Lastly stopping by Ben's Pretzels and Plank's Tavern. We hope you enjoy the video and stay up to date with Nick Eats!

Forte Coffee     Southwest Michigan Out-center     Ben's Pretzels    Plank's Tavern 

A Night Out With Miss & MR Benton Harbor 

Mrs. Mitchell from Fair Plain Elementary selected 4 students based on their integrity, drive, and dedication in the classroom. For the chance to spend ‘A Night Out With Miss & Mr Benton Harbor.’ We first ate dinner at Silverbeach Pizza then got ice cream, after ice cream we took a cold stroll downtown St Joseph to view the Christmas lights. Lastly, we went out for a movie.

Silver Beach Pizza                      Wonderland Cinema 

Dad's Cafe at The Market

KitchenAid Senior PGA

Nick Eats at Silver Harbor

Nick Eats at The Brick House

Nick with City Manager 

Griffin Graham

Check out our last video with Griffin Graham of South Haven Michigan 

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