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Nicholas Gunn

Hey I'm Nicholas Gunn, as a motivated, community-oriented self-starter and dedicated leader, I strive to make our community a better place with leadership and volunteering. I'm currently a 18 year old freshman at Andrews University, pursuing a degree in political science. 

Outside of my school life I continue to stay involved in my community as a writer for the Benton Spirit News Paper, firefighter cadet for St. Joseph Charter Township Station 2 and content creator for my community oriented YouTube channel (Nick Eats). 

With  being a writer for the Benton Spirit News Paper I go to multiple community events to find positive stories to shine a light on what's positive in the Michiana community. As a firefighter cadet I train and exercise many skills such as safety and fire prevention under the leadership of Chief Tom Holland. While being a content creator for my YouTube channel (Nick Eats) I make it a priority to highlight local business in the Michiana area with my diverse group of friends trying new things. On my YouTube channel you can also find interviews with the City Manager of St Joseph City John Hodgson, Fire Captain/Owner of Dwan Concrete Coatings Brian Dwan and the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer.

I love sharing and talking about my walk of faith and inspiring others to better there own lives. So if you have a gathering, seminar or church event; please reach out to me via email or social media so we can go over a time and logistics. Also if you would just like me to do a video or review for your business contact me.

Nick at MLK Elementary 

Nick at Our Lady of The Lake 

Nick at The Well Church

Nick at After School Bible Study

Nick at After School Bible Study

Nick with St. Joseph Charter Township Station #2

Nick with Governor Whitmer and Publisher of the Benton Spirit Newspaper Princella Tobias